Water & Energy Savings

Water & Energy Savings Efficient Upgrades


At BLUS, we will replace your old, inefficient toilets with high- or ultra high- efficiency toilets and will work with the applicable water company to maximize your savings. BLUS handles all aspects of toilet replacement, from the disposal of old toilets to flawless installation of upgraded toilets. Our project manager handles all aspects of the project from design, quality install, inspection, and recycling of the old product.

Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.


Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

BLUS works directly with utility companies that offer select energy-efficient rebates and incentives to encourage conservation. We work hard to research and secure all possible incentives for each project, ensuring that you will save energy and money to increase your bottom line. Switching to energy-efficient equipment will lower your maintenance expenses and electricity costs. We offer retrofits and replacements for interior and exterior fixtures, linear lamp retrofits, occupancy sensors, LED lamps, and more.

Benefits Of Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Many upgrades are covered by your utility provider

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Significant Savings
  • Rebates to help balance out installation costs
  • Help create a site that is environmentally responsible