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Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

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At Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc., (BLUS), we have spent the last 20 years refining water & energy conservation solutions for our customers, helping them save millions of dollars on their annual utility bills.

Water & Energy Conservation

At BLUS, we offer high returns to our customers and the environment. Our goal is to reduce the amount of water and money you are flushing down the toilet. Reach out to us to find out what sustainable solutions we can implement for your property and watch your utility savings increase overnight. Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to energy savings. From LED lighting, aerators, water heaters, and almost any other energy-consuming product, we will work with you to flip the switch on savings.

Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

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Case Studies


Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

Brandon B.

Sr. VP Construction Management

The Bottom Line Team is top notch and I would certainly recommend to anyone contemplating using them for work at one of their assets, especially when it comes to gaining access into occupied units/areas. They are quick and clean....the feedback I have received from Community and Regional Managers alike as well as VP's of Operations related to each of our assets they have completed work at within CA, AZ, NV, and WA over the past seven years has been nothing but positive. Everyone from Dave, Rob, Aaron, Liz, Rudy, the list goes on...all highly organized, easy to work with and thorough with pre-construction meetings including follow up/follow through to ensure all items are covered and completed. The Bottom Line team has completed a variety of plumbing retrofits, interior and exterior lighting retrofits, sub panel, attic inspection and corrective work, pool pump upgrades, Carbon Monoxide wholesale replacements, Gas and Electrical sub meter replacements which included coordinating with the CA Dept. of Weights and Measures... not a simple task and done flawlessly, additionally assisted in solar analysis projects. Again, an honest/hardworking group of folks to work with and would highly recommend to others.

Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

Don Rodriguez

Bottom Line is the best company out there! Why? Great customer Service, reliability and very professional. I have used Bottom Line several times and I recommend their services. Ask for David…

Our Services

We offer a range of conservation, consulting, and contracting services, all designed to help your company reach its potential. Whether you are looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have conservation services you need. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we have the right solutions.

Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.
  • Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

    Utility Bill Audits/Site Surveys

    Our site surveyors are trained to assess and recommend lighting and plumbing solutions that will increase efficiency and decrease your monthly utility spending.

  • Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

    Lighting Retrofits

    Our certified Project Management team researches and works exclusively with lighting vendors who offer the highest quality lighting solutions and best pricing. Installation is handled seamlessly by our certified and licensed lighting team.

  • Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

    Plumbing Retrofits

    Our certified plumbing installation teams handle the entire process, from removal and disposal of inefficient toilets to installation of water-efficient toilets, professionally and safely.

  • Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.


    We offer training to our end users to help promote best practices and the most efficient use of newly installed products.
    Our team is constantly receiving new training opportunities to provide you with the best service possible.

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    Safety and Quality

    Through our professional, safe, and efficient solutions, we will continue to provide the highest standards of service for clients, including a fully developed response to Covid-19 that maintains safety for all without compromising performance quality. Our commitment to safety and adherence to the CDC and state guidelines is the top priority of our dedicated Safety and Quality Team.

Conservation for All Industries

We provide water and energy conservation services at little to no cost to you. With over 20-years in this industry, BLUS has become a leader in securing higher rebates and incentives for all of our customers. All building types qualify for our services and will benefit from the reduced utility operating expense and higher NOI. Our experienced team has helped real estate portfolios all over the United States conserve water and energy. Increase your NOI now, don’t delay.

Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc.

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