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BLUS Awarded 2020 Contractor of the Year and Outstanding Contractor


Laguna Hills, CA March 10, 2021

Bottom Line Utility Solutions, Inc. (BLUS) received the Contractor of the Year and Outstanding Contractor, two top awards from the 2020 Contractor Awards held virtually by Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) on January 25, 2021.

The two awards are based on overall excellence and fewest project processing errors and on-site corrections, respectively.
BLUS has partnered with the SoCalREN since 2019 and was also the recipient of the Contractor Excellence Award the same year.
“Over the past 2 years, the SoCalREN program and its great incentives have enabled BLUS to reduce project costs and improve paybacks for our clients,” BLUS CEO Rob Edelstein said. He continued, “It really is a win-win situation for BLUS, our customers, and for SCE and SCG”.

David Sonke, CFO and COO of BLUS said, “We are very proud to receive the awards from SoCalREN this past year, especially with all of the other challenges we faced last year. The goals for SoCalREN and Bottom Line Utility Solutions are completely in sync with achieving unprecedented levels of energy savings that benefit the environment and our customers”.

Juli Parayno, Operations Manager at BLUS added, “It’s very rewarding to know that every project we complete with programs like SoCalREN is not only saving our customers money but is helping save the environment. That’s what keeps us energized about what we do”.

The SoCalREN program has partnered with companies like BLUS to install energy efficiency upgrades in over 7,330 multifamily units, and countless schools, libraries, and other public buildings throughout Southern California. The program has also helped homeowners receive more than $4 million in rebates.

About SoCalREN

Since 2012, the Southern California Regional Energy Network has offered energy-saving programs to homeowners, multifamily property owners and managers, business owners, and public agency representatives across Southern California who are served by Southern California Edison (SCE) and/or SoCalGas®. The programs and services offered by the SoCalREN have led to energy efficiency upgrades installed in thousands of properties, resulting in millions of kWh in energy savings and rebates for countless property owners and homeowners.

About BLUS

BLUS has been providing water and energy saving solutions to a wide variety of customers for over 20 years. The company started out as one that provided basic toilet and irrigation installation and has grown into a sustainable solutions provider which continues to offer excellent service and value-added water and energy conservation programs like SoCalREN for all its clients through its expansive team of professionals.

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